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Poem of the Month
written by George H Northrup

October glorifies its trees.
In their arms the branches hold
crisp foliage of tarnished bronze
and dusty gold.

The broad, flat hands of maple trees
redden now as if they bled,
form heady clouds of soft maroon
and velvet red.

Lost leaves are lapping at the fence.
Others drift about the town
in rustling waves of faded orange
and tawny brown.

But here and there, exceptional,
conjuring a spring-like scene,
some limbs defy the stealthy fall
with evergreen.

Published in The Avocet Weekly, October 7, 2015

You Might Fall In,
a poetry chapbook by Dr Northrup,
published by Local Gems Press.

Rhina P. Espaillat writes:  “What a
delightful invitation to the natural
world George Northrup extends in
this collection!  Yes, I did ‘fall in,’
and gladly.  The diction of the
poems is as exhilarating as their
range: witty, lyrical without
sentimentality, fresh without excess,
they celebrate the world and its
recurrent cycles and remind us to
take heart, because there is always
an ‘Encore,’ a new landscape to fa
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